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Dr. Kristina Jackson
Dr. Kristina Jackson

Kristina (Kristie) Jackson is the Principal Investigator of the project. She is an Associate Professor (Research) in Community Health at Brown University. Kristie got her PhD in Social Psychology at Arizona State University and then spent some time in the Midwest where she was a faculty member in the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Missouri (Columbia). Kristie’s research centers around the health behavior of adolescents and college students. She is interested in understanding why some kids start drinking in their teens. She is also interested in why drinking is so common in college. In addition, while in graduate school in Phoenix, Arizona, where it is sunny 90% of the time, she conducted research on skin cancer and sunbathing.

Kristie loves the water and used to be a swimmer. She spent most of her childhood in Annapolis, Maryland. Before then, she was born in a pink hospital in Hawaii, and she spent some of her preschool-years in Cumberland. She now lives in Warwick. She has two daughters, a ten-year old and a six-year old, and a cat named Gumball.

Dr. Nancy Barnett

Nancy Barnett is a Co-Investigator on iSay. She is a faculty member at Brown University (go Bears). She went to college at Stanford University (go Cardinal) and to graduate school at the University of Washington (go Huskies) where she studied clinical psychology, eating disorders, and sport psychology. Her research is about helping teenagers and college students avoid problems from drinking alcohol. She likes using technology (like web surveys :)) in her research.

Nancy was born in Newport and moved back to Rhode Island to work at Brown. She was a basketball player and rower in college, and now loves to go biking with her family.

Dr. Suzanne Colby

Suzanne Colby is a Co-Investigator on the project. She is an Associate Professor (Research) in the Psychiatry Department at Brown University. Suzanne has lived in Rhode Island all her life. She grew up in East Providence, and went to East Providence High School where she played varsity volleyball and was on the diving team. She went to Providence College and then got her PhD in Psychology at the University of Rhode Island. Suzanne's research has focused on how quickly adolecent smokers become addicted to nicotine and why it is so difficult for kids to stop smoking once they start.

Suzanne recently moved from Providence to Warwick. She enjoys sailing, going to the beach, kayaking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. In the winter, though, she likes to stay inside and keep warm, drawing, painting, or reading books.

Kerri Hayes

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Lisa Kahn

Lisa Kahn is a Research Assistant for the Project iSay team. Lisa received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Rhode Island and has worked with students in many different settings for many years. She has worked as a school librarian and school secretary at Curtis Corner Middle School in South Kingstown, RI. She returned to URI in 1995 and worked at the Cancer Prevention Research Center as a research assistant on multiple health promotion research projects, including a few with URI students. Lisa has supervised college students who were trained as telephone interviewers, to conduct surveys with people all over the country. She has also visited 20 middle schools across Rhode Island to work on a University of Rhode Island's Project Best.

Lisa has two daughters, both graduates of URI and a seven year old grandson. She lives on a lake in Coventry so she spends her leisure time bird watching, kayaking while her dog swims alongside, hiking, gardening and travel.

Jenny Currier

Jenny Currier is a Research Assistant and the newest member to Project iSay. She recently moved to Providence from her hometown of Roswell, New Mexico, where she had to drive 200 miles to get to the next nearest city (she refuses to comment on whether or not she has seen an alien). She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from New Mexico State University and spent a year training dolphins in Miami and Hawaii. After "living the dream," she moved to New Hampshire where she earned a masters degree in Creative Writing from Dartmouth College, and that was when she discovered the small state of Rhode Island. She was won over by Del's lemonade and Iggy's doughboys. In between dolphin training and research assisting, she taught math, science, and English to middle, high school, and college students.

Jenny is attracted to sunlight like a moth to a flame, so as soon as the weather is nice, she can be found outdoors: hiking, jogging, swimming, or reading by the beach. She loves traveling and writing and can often be founding writing about her travels.